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Art of Food Television Production - American Public Television

American Public Television

April 19, 2004

55 Summer Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02110
617.338.4455    617.338.5369 Fax

Mr. Robert E. Bussinger
Executive Producer
Art of Food Television Production
P. O. Box 221940
Carmel, CA 93922

Dear Bob:

Based on the proposal and treatment you provided for Art of Food, American Public Television is very interested in offering the series to public television stations nationwide. We feel the concept has national appeal and will be well-received by public television station programmers.

Polished production techniques and a vibrant, refreshing approach to preparing and cooking fine cuisine is certain to compliment the decorating and plating savvy the series has championed. Art of Food, will be a must have series for cooking program blocks and will undoubtedly appeal to the heart of the sophisticated, curious and enlightened PTV demographics, including women, 40-65+.

American Public Television is a major programming source and distribution system for U.S. public television stations. Distribution through the APT Exchange service would be ideal for a program such as this. Here are the facts about Exchange:

Each year, APT markets and distributes more than 600 titles, over 400 of which are available to stations at no cost through Exchange.

Exchange is the largest source of free programming available to U.S. public television stations.

Exchange is one of the most effective marketing platforms for underwriters, providing maximum carriage potential and covering virtually every market in the country (nearly 350 stations).

APT Exchange promotes its programs to stations nationally via listings in our program catalog, highlights in our monthly newsletter and press materials for TV listings services.

Distribution of any program by American Public Television is subject to our final approval, based on an evaluation of content, production values and technical standards. We look forward to your upcoming series, Art of Food, and want you to know we are supportive of your efforts. If I can be of any assistance or answer any questions for you, please don't hesitate to call.


Tamara Le
Exchange Manager
American Public Television Exchange