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Beef Carpaccio on Beet Potato with
Horseradish Cream or Mustard

Show: Dec. 5th


1/4 oz Beef Filet, uncooked
Olive Oil, extra virgin
1/2 tsp Mustard or horseradish
1 tsp Green Onion or Gerkin, minced
Croutons or cooked potato slices or mushroom


Lay out about 1/4 oz of thinly sliced uncooked beef filet between two sheets of plastic wrap or parchment paper first sprayed with a good quality olive oil. Pound slightly to even out and make very thin. Also a rolling pin works well. Spread a thin layer of mustard or horseradish (these are an important addition because they will kill any bacteria in raw meat) add finely chopped green onion or gherkin pickle.

Gather meat together and bunch like a flower and put on top of a beet potato slice (optionally) with a flower garnish.


Place on top of a crouton or on a precooked mushroom cap.

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