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Making Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Show: Aug. 21st

Ingredients: Serves 8
For Saline Solution:

1 qt Boiling water
3/4 cup Kosher Salt

Saline Procedure:

Bring 1 qt of water to a boil and slowly add in salt until it appears to stop dissolving (3/4 cup is approximate). Set aside to cool to room temperature.

For Cheese:

2 1/2 lbs Milk Curd, sliced 1/4 inch thick
8 cups Boiling water

Cheese Procedure:

Place curd slices in a very large glass bowl. Add boiling water to cover. Stir with wooden spoon using folding motion until curds begin to melt into a clump. Begin to fold over and stretch, similar to very wet, elastic bread dough. When it begins to shine, remove from the water and put onto a cutting board. Fold over and stretch into oblong shapes.

Place in the cooled saline solution.

Remove and roll in plastic wrap when the skin begins to form. Use the same day with tomatoes and basil oil.

Or, make small balls (bocconcini), which can be stuffed with various fillings such as cherry tomatoes with basil leaves or a mix of:
1 Tbls Chopped Sun-dried Tomatoes
1 1/2 Tbls Chopped, pitted Calamite olives
4 Basil Leaves, chopped
If mozzarella is kept until next days, use in pizza or on skewers. (following recipe)

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