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Christmas Tree Crudités
(Tomato and Pepper)

Show: Dec. 5th

Ingredients: 1 tree

1 Styrofoam solid cone
1 Styrofoam round base
1/2 lb Fresh Spinach
1 box Toothpicks, colored, cocktail
1 bskt Cherry Tomatoes
1 jar Green peppers


Attach the base to the cone by using a long screw into the bottom, keeping it stable, or use a glue gun to secure it.

Wilt spinach in bowl covered with plastic wrap in microwave for about 50 seconds. While damp, wrap the cone, from top to bottom, with the leaves. Skewer the tomatoes and peppers with the toothpicks and stick onto the tree as though decorating your tree. Top the tree with a larger cherry tomato or a ribbon bow and voila! Crudités Christmas Tree.

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