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Eggs, Fried
(Sunnyside, over easy, over medium)

Show: Jan 16th

Ingredients: Serves 1

1 Tbls Butter or Oil, grape seed or canola
4 Eggs, medium to large
Salt & pepper to taste


Heat 1 Tbl canola oil in a non-stick skillet. Bring to a medium heat. Crack 1 egg on a flat surface (flat surface avoids the possibility of getting egg shells in the egg) and gently pour into a shallow cup and then into a hot skillet. Reduce heat if the egg white starts to puff and spatter.

Swirl the pan slightly to ensure that the eggs are not sticking. For sunny side eggs, leave until the whites appear to be set and gently remove with a spatula or tip the pan slightly to slide the eggs onto a plate.

For over easy, gently insert spatula under each egg and with a quick twist of the wrist turn the egg and leave for about 1 minute.

For over medium, repeat this process and leave for 2-2 1/2 minutes. Again gently, insert the spatula under the egg and remove from skillet and turn gently onto plate. Salt and pepper to taste.

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