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Potatoes with Herbs

Show: Dec 5th

Ingredients:1 Chip

2 slices Baking potato, paper thin
2 leaves Flat-leaf Parsley
1 leaf Tarragon
1 Chive


Pre-heat oven to 150° F-175°F.

Peel a fairly long baking potato, or leave the skin or for a different effect, and slice lengthwise on a mandoline, 2 thin even slices. Lay a slice on a pre-sprayed (with vegetable oil) silk-pat.

Artistically place the herbs on it, season with a little salt and/or pepper and spray again. Cover with the other potato slice, pressing slightly; try to match the shape as close as possible.

Spray again and place in over for 30 minutes to an hour or until just golden brown. Slow roasting works best.

Don’t use butter because it will get too brown.

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