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Salmon Filet Baked in Salt

Show: Feb 13th

Ingredients :Serves 1

5-7 oz. Salmon Filet
6 Egg Whites, more as needed
7-10 lbs. Salt, kosher
3 cups Swiss Chard
1⁄2 cup Mirepoix (thinly julienne carrots, celery, onions)
1⁄2 cup Water, cold


Preheat oven to 400†F.

Rinse and dry the fish thoroughly. Whisk together the egg whites and cold water. Combine with the salt in a large bowl. Work the mixture with your hands to distribute the water and egg whites in the salt. The salt mixture should hold together when you press a mound of it together between the palms of your hands. If it doesn’t, work in another egg white until it does.

Lay out the Swiss chard and lay in the middle of 1⁄4 cup mirepoix. Lay the rest of the mirepoix on top of the fish and bring up all the ends of the chard to totally wrap the fish.

Select a baking dish just a couple of inches longer than the fish. Fill the dish about * full of the salt mixture and place the wrapped fish on top. Cover the top and sides of the fish with the rest of the salt mixture and smooth over the salt with your hands.

Bake for approximately 45 minutes. Insert a small thermometer into the fish and continue to bake until the temperature reaches 125†F. Remove from the oven and rest for about 15 minutes. Break the salt crust with a mallet or small hammer. Peel the salt layer and chard wrapping off and serve the fish on warm plates. 

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