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Show:Oct 17th


One large Turkey (Substitute a Goose)
One large Duck (Substitute a Chicken)
One large Roasting Chicken (Substitute a Squab)
7 cups Turkey Dressing
4 cups Duck Dressing
2 cups Chicken Dressing
Spice: (see footnote)


Bone or have boned completely a roasting chicken, a large duck and have a turkey boned except for its wings and legs.


Spread the turkey, skin-side down, on a flat surface (remember to wash down all surfaces that the raw fowl meat touches). Sprinkle with your seasoning mix** (see recipe below) and rub it on all the meat, including legs and thighs. Spread an even layer of 6-7 cups cold dressing over all the exposed meat.

Place the duck, skin-side down, on top of the turkey dressing and sprinkle again with seasoning mix. Spread 4-5 cups cold duck dressing evenly over all the exposed meat, a little less thick than the turkey dressing.

Now, the same with the chicken, skin-side down, season and spread the last dressing evenly over all the meat.

Move the Turducken into an un-greased pan that makes a snug fit, about 10X15 inches, fold the sides up and stitch the turkey together, stitches about 1 inch apart. Turn the Turducken over and stitch closed any remaining openings. Tie the legs together, leave it breast-side up, and tuck in the wings.

Be sure to put this pan inside another larger, high-sided pan, to catch the overflowing drippings. Hand rub more of the seasoning to all exposed surfaces.

VII: Roasting:

Bake at 190°F for 12 or so hours or until thermometer, inserted all the way into the center, reads 165°F. No need to bast the Turducken, however it is best to remove the accumulated fats in the pan so as not to “Deep fry” the bottom. Remove from oven and let cool in the pan for an hour or so.

The Turducken is very easy to carve, with only the turkey wings and leg bones. Remove the wings and then proceed to enthrall your guest by slicing vertically all the way through the birds.

** Paul Prudhomme’s recipe - Seasoning recipe:

3 Tbl salt
1/2 Tbl Paprika
1 Tbl Onion Pwd
1 Tbl Garlic Pwd, 1 Tbl Cayenne
1 1/2 tsp white pepper
1 1/2 tsp dried thyme leaves
3/4 tsp black pepper 

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