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4-Grades of Olive Oils

Show:Jan 23rd

Ingredients:Serves 4
List :

*Extra Virgin




Watch for the date on the label, shelf life is about 18-24 months and the date is the date when the olives were harvested and not when bottled.

Keep stored in a cool dark place, not the refrigerator. If it is in a light colored bottle, be sure to wrap it in aluminum foil to prevent light.

There are: Spicy, peppery, herbaceous oils

Fruity, Buttery

The herbaceous oils are great on pastas or soups.

The fruity is tasty on salads.

The Buttery can replace butter on such as corn on the cob or crab and lobster. And of course popcorn.

Make your own Basil Oil:

Take one cup of finely chopped fresh basil, place in a coffee filter. Slowly heat on medium heat 1/2 cup oil and place the chopped basil. On moderate heat until it starts to bubble, take it off the heat immediately.

Stir the mixture until it is barely warm to the touch. Pour it into the coffee filter and allow it to drip through; a slow process but very tasty. Use very soon after making.

Can be refrigerated up to 1-2 weeks, after that throw it out.

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