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At Successful Hostess, we strive to provide you the best resources, services and products to make your event a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests!

As your Personal Shopper, we will guide you through purchasing kitchenware and cookware, outfitting your home, table setting, selecting and arranging flowers, and food shopping for those hard-to-find ingredients.

If you are planning a wedding, our localization services provide invaluable knowledge and experience to help you choose a caterer, venue, florist and other services for your special day.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, we can work with your architect and contractor to design proper flow and space as well as appropriate kitchen equipment for entertaining groups at your home.

If you are planning a dinner party, we can provide an instant game plan with several menu choices, plating tips, table setting how-to's, and much more.

We provide different tiers of service based on membership levels. At the premium level, you will receive direct contact from Wendy through the exclusive "Talk to Wendy" service.