Chef/Artist Wendy Brodie | Art of Food TV | Successful Hostess

"As near perfect a meal as I hope to experience... spectacular!"
"Smashing Debut!"
—Central Coast Adventures Magazine

"There are fleeting moments in dining when diners are transported to a parallel reality where life is only exquisite. We crossed over to that exquisite reality as the first bites of our entrees were metamorphosing our sensory systems."
—The Monterey County Weekly

"The new place to see and be seen."
"Signs of greatness!"
—Monterey County Herald

"Imagine a famous chef inviting you to her stunning Carmel home to observe, and try your hand in her kitchen. Imagine making a gourmet feast and then sharing it with her and her other guests cum students. Imagine watching her and having her share her kitchen secrets with you. Well, dream no more! Chef Wendy invites you to participate in her cooking experiences. Much more than a cooking class, this is an intimate encounter that will reverberate in your psyche and on your palate."
—Michael Reiss, Food & Wine Access