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You will need to put together your own group

Class with apple wingsThere is a minimum charge of the price for 6 people, for a class and up to 20 if desired. We meet at Zenwood, her home, with a demonstration kitchen, in the Carmel Highlands, usually around 10:30 AM or around 5:00 PM for an evening class (however these times can be adjusted to fit your schedule). There is about ½ hour of meet-and-greet, then into the kitchen which also serves as Wendy's TV Studio for her cooking/lifestyle show Art of Food with Wendy Brodie, a PBS show airing throughout the US and Canada. The hands-on and demonstration lasts about 1½ to 2 hours and can be structured around your interests and timing. Then, it's on to the luncheon/dinner table for the courses just created. The cost is $125 (or $150.00 for evening events) per person plus beverages consumed and there is a labor charge of $35/hour with a 4-hour minimum for each server. The number of servers is determined by the size of the group. For example: With 6-8 participants, there would be only one. For each additional increment of eight, we would need to add one extra server.